Monday, October 26, 2009

pumpkin carving

one more reason i love aldi....
99 cent pumpkins.

we loaded up the kids, and headed there this evening.
i was feeling a bit guilty after last year,
when we went to four places, and every single one was sold out of pumpkins,
leaving us jack-o-lanternless.

they all worked very hard.
emily, isaiah, and hannah, did theirs completely solo.

steve helped micah with his,
but he did do several cuts, and emptied it himself.

brody wanted h2africa, and he wanted ME to do it,
but he made sure everyone knew that "HE" was working very hard on it.

from left to right,
emily's, brody's, isaiah's, hannah's, and micah's.

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Anonymous said...

Incredible! Lovely, amazing!! and 99 cents, are you serious?!! Love it! dg