Friday, October 30, 2009

Going Viral, and i don't mean the flu.

OK, if you are reading this, consider yourself in the "know."
We are going to need your help.
Remember last year, we did $10 Fridays.
For 6 weeks, we encouraged everyone to donate $10 on Friday.
We uncovered a lot of clean water through the $10 gifts.
THIS YEAR, we are doing it ONCE.
Just one day.
24 hours.
And we need everyone.
Online blog, twitter, facebook, email, viral campaign.
Asking everyone to buy water.
To let their first gift of the season be life.'s the image.
The explanation is below.
And the link.
IF you want to invite people ahead of time via email or your blogs you can.
But on NOVEMBER 13, we need everyone.
Give $10.
Encourage everyone you know to give $10 on November 13.
Can you imagine if we all just came together, from all over the country/world, for one day?
And we all bought water together?
We all spent $10 to give life?
On November 13, when people begin to open up their Google Reader, their blog list, we want them to not be able to escape this image--

Updates, posts and statuses all over will be about buying water.

(Below is a ready-made explanation of the First Gift Campaign. if on Nov. 13, you just want to click and drag it to your blog or email, you can. Otherwise, you can write your own).

Gonna be fun.
Be thinking.
The image and explanation are yours to use.
Or you can write your own.
Link everyone here (yellow donate button) to donate.
Here for explanation.
Got it?
November 13.
First Gift online campaign.
We'll be reminding you.
For now, you know the plan.
Consider yourself personally invited to change the world...

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