Thursday, October 22, 2009

football is done...

youth sports foundation football ended on sunday.

it was the last game isaiah will play for youth sports.
next year he plays for the middle school.

watching him walk off the field, i felt a lump in my throat.
he is growing up.
day by day, minute by minute, and i can see it happening.

his coach wrote the nicest note to him,
and gave it to him at the football party on tuesday.
and for documenting sake, i need to post it here:

Gingerbread Man-- you ran as fast as you could for two years and scored a lot of TDs for State Farm and helped us go undefeated this year. I can only hope to have the opportunity to coach someone again for two years that did such a good job listening and used their God given talents so well. You were also one of seven sixth graders who won their last 8 conference games. That's pretty incredible. Can't wait to see how you progress next year in 7th grade-- GO CENTRAL
Coach Solt"

How lucky we have been with amazing coaches, who love our kids, nurture them, and teach them how to be good people, not just good athletes.

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