Monday, October 5, 2009

crafting in kansas city...

what a weekend.
and i,
i have so much to be thankful for.

old friends,
new friends,
women who are passionate about making a difference,
and will sacrifice, time, money, and talent,
to make that happen.

i was blessed beyond measure,
by their stories,
by their gifts,
by their friendship.

nine amazing, and gifted women.
beauty and light.

a few of the kansas girls have blogs...
you know pam's, and then there is angie, and meg.

jana, and shana do not have blogs, but they were equally as cool. :)

and our crew from iowa, jody, cassie, amy g.,, and teresa, who is also blogless. :)

1 comment:

teres said...

It would be a dangerous thing if Shana had a blog. Some things just shouldn't be written - forever.
I agree with your summary of the weekend, and I miss it already.