Wednesday, September 23, 2009


another local opportunity to get involved with bringing clean water to the people of Liberia, West Africa.

This is so cool..
another person, another advocate, another activist.
water moves.
please join tom, in painting driveways for water.

watch this short video, and do something.
twenty dollars gives clean water for twenty years.
twenty years.

these are what they look like up close...
really quality work.
and for a great cause.

contact tom today,
to set up a time when he can come paint your driveway,
and in so doing,
give life,
and restore hope and dignity...
all with a little spray paint.
how cool is that?


Anonymous said...

Who is that great looking guy?

amy smith said...

not sure.. but he looks like he could use five bucks. ;)

Anonymous said...

such an awesome idea!!! Awesome! Love it-dg