Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the umpire

the mark of a really good umpire, i have come to discover, is this:

not even knowing he is there.

if he is doing his job, the way it should be done, then he should just blend right in on the field. he makes his calls, governs the game, but because he is doing everything right, treating every player fairly, and making the right calls, his presence, his authority, is not even noticed.

my father is the best umpire i know.
he parented me, as if he were himself, an umpire. his authority was always there, and when a tough call needed to be made, he made it. and it was fair, and just, and right.

it was not until becoming a parent myself, that i realized what a difficult job that really is. and what an amazing job my dad did.
his quiet confidence, never arrogant or self righteous, but firm and steadfast.

happy birthday dad.
i love you, appreciate you, and respect you.
i am proud of you.
and i am so honored to be called yours.


Anonymous said...

Now that is beautiful my dear! dg

dewatobay said...

the writing & just the right pix are spot on

Lisa said...

very well put amy