Thursday, September 17, 2009

beach combing...

took some time this morning for myself,
and went beach combing alone.

i was telling a couple of friends i was going,
and they didn't know what beach combing was.

i forget, so often, that i am not from here.
that they are not from there.

so, just to clear things up...
wikipedia says:

A beachcomber is someone who "combs" (or searches) the beach, and the intertidal zone in general, looking for things of value, interest or utility.

now i rarely find anything of utilitarian purposes, or even value, for that matter.
but interest... yes.. that is what i find.
things of interest.

to me anyway.
and i guess, to me, they are valuable as well.

so, i think i am going again tomorrow morning.
maybe i will take a nap on the rocks,
in the sunshine,
along the banks of the river,

and i will find value and interest for sure.


Anonymous said...

i will take the time to do that myself tomorrow......i haven't been every day this week and that just ain't right! dg

dewatobay said...

and definitely things of "value" - like one of a kind birthday presents!