Thursday, August 6, 2009


today i have to:

wash clothes
do dishes
sweep the kitchen.. because apparently no one knows how to pour cereal
go to the post office
go to the school board office for a friend
take hannah to get measured for her soccer uniform
water my mom's plants
cut brody's hair.. boo.. but he is insisting
check in on isaiah and friend at the golf course
take the kids to the pool.. but first shave my legs
do more paperwork
take hannah to soccer practice
figure out what to do with seventy million zucchini
also figure out what to do with fifty million beans
and figure out how to order a pig cut up... don't ask
make dinner

it is already noon..
and it's not looking very good so far.


Natalie said...

Sympathetic sigh coming your way!

Amy G said...

That's a long list! I'll take some zucchini off your hands if you'd like. :) I can come out and pick it up!