Wednesday, August 26, 2009

today, again.

so, this is kind of gross,
but it happened, and does often, and will again...

micah left a cup of chocolate milk outside last night.
and there was about a fourth of a cup left.
i saw it,
and left it. (not claiming to be mom of the year)

so today it rained.
a lot.
you can see just how much on the cup.
the chocolate milk line is still visible...
and the rest, is all rain water.

in other news,
we bought a pig, well, half of a pig.
my mom bought the other half.
never purchased a pig before,
so i wasn't really sure how much meat we would end up with.

but, oh pig, let me sing your praises...

it filled up almost an entire freezer,
and my mom took a whole grocery bag home with her,
and i made a package of ribs for dinner.

we will have pig for a year.

well... at least a couple of months. :)


lisa said...

all that pig is way more disgusting than the glass of yucky milk/water

Missy said...

everything's better with bacon is my motto! We purchase a pig and cow nearly every year. Purchasing like that really helps w/ our grocery bill the rest of the year.

amy smith said...

missy... i totally agree...
and lisa,