Thursday, July 16, 2009

not even joking.

so i went to wal-mart today
to check out the school supplies.

i have four kids
who have extensive lists..
like 18 folders
and 8 notebooks..

i had the same lists last year,
nothing new.

except this year,
i decided to take advantage of the early shopping
which was difficult for me,
as i don't really like them pushing the school supplies
on me already.

but here's the thing.
my bill last year, for the same supplies,
was one hundred and twenty dollars.

this year it was fifty.

not even joking.
i saved seventy dollars.

so i am thinking i am not going to complain anymore
about the store putting their supplies out early.


steffany said...


dewatobay said...

interesting - I have noticed lately lower prices on many things.

Some economist somewhere would love to hear about this.