Monday, July 20, 2009

cook out

so when steve got home tonight,
he and the kids asked what was for dinner.
i had no plan.
so i pretended.
i said, well, i was thinking we could roast hot dogs on the fire in the backyard.
the kids were stoked.
and of course, thought i had been planning this all day.

steve went outside to split some wood, and when he hit this log, look who popped out to let us know he did not want to be split.
isaiah relocated him in a neighbor's wood pile.

i also, wanting to remain the hero, decided to set up the tent, so they could sleep outside too.

and this is how you start a fire.


Amy G said...

Looks like so much fun! And that is totally how we start a fire, too! :)

steffany said...

perfect day.
A bit of spontaneity.
A bit of wildlife.
A bit of food.
a raging fire.
a tent.
and family.