Friday, June 12, 2009


i flat ironed my hair last night
before i went to bed.

this morning,
brody said,

"mom. you hair is all down.
i don't like it."

i assured him that i just did it straight for a few days.

and he said,

"please put it back together tomorrow."

micah said,

"mom, i almost didn't notice you..
i like your hair,
it's all smoothed out."

at this point i am not sure
what this all means.
maybe i will wait for the big kids to get up,
and add their input.


Natalie said...

Opinions.. everyone's got one.
What do You think?
And do we get to see?

Janece said...

I'm with Natalie - do we get to see? Although, with a face as pretty as yours, I think either way is going to be stunning. Still, it'd be fun to see. ;)

Eric and Pam said...

yeah, how about a picture and an online survey!!??