Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Hannah

Hannah is nine years old today.
so hard to believe.
and although she gives me a ton of dirty looks...
or ignores me all together,
she is exactly how i would want her to be.

she is mellow,
and loving.
and caring.
she goes with the flow,
and remains my "easy" kid.
she is even keel
and a beauty.
inside and out.
happy birthday baby girl.
we love you.


Jean said...

Happy Happy birthday sweet girl!!! Can't believe you're 9 years old all ready!!! Seems like just yesterday the new little neighbor girl moved in next door!! So glad we have come to know you!!!

Janece said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! :)

steffany said...

So sweet!
Happy Birthday

Cassie said...

happy birthday sweet girl!!
hope it was a good one!