Monday, April 20, 2009


i have been eating at veracruz for over 20 years.
20 years.

i would go there on friday nights,
even before i lived with my dad and maria, when i would come for the weekend.
my dad and i had heart to heart talks across these same tables.
i used to skip classes so i could have lunch there in high school.
steve and i would go there on our date nights when we were first married.

here we have a number 15.
it has always been a number 15.
some things never change.
veracruz is one of those things.

it has become a favorite place to eat for my children as well.
and when we walked in,
the waitress,
whom we haven't seen in 2 years,
greeted us like family, and asked where everyone else was.

contemplating the greatness of veracruz...

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Morgan said...

i love that place!! We eat there every time we go into seattle! :D