Thursday, March 12, 2009

spring break...

Spring break officially begins tomorrow,
and we will be taking full advantage.

We have been wavering back and forth on whether we should pack up and go somewhere for a while. So late last week we decided we would drive down to the Gulf Coast, to Orange Beach, Alabama for a couple of nights. That way we could show the kids around the area we lived in when Emily was only a baby, and Steve was getting his Master's Degree.

We figured we would drive straight down, (16.5hrs) and spend Monday and Tuesday nights there, then head over to New Orleans for the day on Wednesday, make the turn north, spend Wednesday night in Jackson, MS. then Thursday night in St. Louis, and home on Friday.

Well, yesterday Steve and I saw that the weather doesn't look the best for Monday and Tuesday, thunderstorms likely. What fun is the beach if you get struck by lightning? But we couldn't change our hotels because we went the cheap route with Priceline.

So after about five minutes deliberation, we decided to leave Friday afternoon and drive straight to Tampa (20hrs) and spend Saturday and Sunday night there, before heading over to Alabama on Monday.

The weather in Tampa is supposed to be in the mid 80's.
And we leave tomorrow.
For a 20 hr. car ride, with 7 people.

And I can't wait. :)


steffany said...

What no camping in my muddy yard in 20 degree weather!

amy smith said...

uh.. not so much. :)

lisa said...

Sounds like a blast!
wish we were going with you!

Candi said...

Oh that's sounding like quite the adventure!! Hope we run into you! ;-) Safe travel and God bless you ALL!!! :)

christa said...

Ooh! I'll wave at you while you ate in St. Louis!

Sounds like a blast, have fun!