Monday, March 9, 2009

big news

there is a lot of things going on in these parts.
most importantly, as you will see in the sidebar,
we have a new and improved official image and website for
water 4 christmas.
you will find every thing you need there, in a streamlined,
all inclusive site.
if you want to donate, purchase t-shirts, join 300 voices, or just learn a little more about the water 4 christmas campaign, you can do it all there.
jody and kari spent a crazy amount of time putting it together, and they did an amazing job.
go check it out.

and next, the thank you bags (if you signed up to be a 300 voice donor) are in the mail! so exciting! they are adorable, and big, and i take mine everywhere!

oh, and be sure to get a t-shirt over on the wfc site, i had mine on this weekend, at emily's musical, bugsy malone, and someone said, "Oh, i wanted to see those shirts in person before i ordered one... love them."
Show your support, and commitment to bringing fresh water to the people of Liberia.

1 comment:

dewatobay said...

received the bag yesterday ! very good quality. thanks for all the hard work for WATER!