Friday, January 23, 2009

300 Voices

so here's the thing.
clean water is still needed.

water for christmas,
as successful as it was..
is not enough.
we are not done.
we are not done, because there are still people living without clean water.

about midway through the wfc campaign
jody crunched some numbers,
if we could make it to $50,000 how many years would it take to eradicate the need for new wells in Liberia?

300 years.

that is not acceptable to me.
not acceptable at all.

so jody has been working tirelessly to get this new campaign up and running.

playing off of the 300 years,
300 Voices.

we are looking for 300 people to commit to $20 a month, for 2009.
or, $5 a week, or $240 one time.

300 people thinking about, dreaming about, and bringing fresh water to people who can't live without it.

it's simple.
it's not much.
but if 300 people share their voice, and their money, we will have $72,000 this year.

15 wells.

15 villages where no one has to worry about drinking water that will kill them.

300 voices.

i was talking to emily about this, and she said that she doesn't have $20 a month, but she wants to get involved... so she is going to go to school, and see if she can get some friends to partner with her, to make one voice.


making a difference. being the voice of change.

please join with us.

add your voice.

commit to clean water in 2009.

there is a blog set up, where you can sign up, the details are there...

and as always, go read jody's and cassie's blogs.

we can do this.
it's simple.

be a voice.

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