Monday, December 15, 2008

trying to find words

words fall short in describing what i am feeling.
it is a mixture of gratitude, awe, love, grace, and relief.
it's overwhelming, consuming, painfully beautiful.
it's people, it's strangers, it's friends, it's real.

last night, in a little town, in the middle of america,
lives were saved.
and to say that i am honored to know the people who made that happen,
is such an understatement.
eyes were opened,
and because of the voice of a few, a nation in africa, much like my own heart,
will never be the same.

candi and larry stewart sacrificed and worked endlessly to put this benefit on. they gave everything they had, with nothing in return. they were the epitome of what jesus came to do. they were grace and love on behalf of the people of liberia. i am so thankful for them, and their hearts.

my mom, who has worked until her fingers bled, who stayed up until 3am finishing ornaments so that we could have plenty for the table. unyielding service.

my 12 year old daughter, emily, who took on the responsibility of babysitting, and feeding dinner to 10 children for four hours, because she loves water. because she is my daughter, because she gets it.

and my friends.
jody and cassie. ( i knew i couldn't get thru this without crying).
if i had half of the heart, love, desire, and grace that these two women exude, i would be richly blessed.
it is beyond an honor to know them. they were sent to me as a gift. they bring joy to my heart, and a smile to my face every day.
i love them.
wholly and fully. complete and honest.
they are beauty and grace.
light and joy.
they love water, and people.
and if you know them, you already understand.

we are waiting on posting a total, a few checks are still coming in this week.
but it was good, it IS good.
and we aren't done yet.
give life. give water.


Cassie said...

i think you found the perfect words.
amazing night.
love you...

Candi said...

Oh yes, how much love was in that room and how many had their eyes opened... so powerful AND you just KNOW God was right there watching and smiling and VERY pleased he created you 3 beautiful young women with the biggest hearts and the passion it takes to get such an event off the ground... perfect, simply perfect is all I can say... your mom's devotion to this project just blows me away too, what a dear!! Even though the centerpieces did not go... they reflected the pure love flowing through water across the lands to a people so in need, can you believe all who will now benefit from this great project you girls created... so very proud of you all, love you all so much. GREAT JOB... thank you God for giving them such passion and using their amazing talents!! You have to be so pleased... : ) I am honored and blessed to have been able to be a part.

A family in Iowa. said...

It sounds amazing! Yay for water!!!

Take care!

Morgan said...

Whoo Hoo Em! I have a hard enough time with just 5! :)