Thursday, November 13, 2008

We are gonna have to shoot a little higher

This is copy and pasted directly from Jody's blog....

So we need to adjust some of our statistics.

We heard about and watched a video put out by another water organization that seemed to clearly imply that 10 billion dollars would solve the water crisis.

I don’t see a need to direct you there because it’s not about that. But if you want to know, I can send it to you.

They are partners of charity: water and felt confident in their reliability.

But apparently 10 billion might be a bit short. It is estimated to be more like 144 billion to solve the water crisis completely.

We are going to adjust based on this info. The organization where we found the statistic is going to be asked to clarify as well.

And then we will all move forward in bringing clean water to the world.

We certainly never intended to mislead people. And I’m quite certain our source for it did not either. But somewhere along the way it got conveyed inaccurately.

I felt a lot of personal responsibility when I heard. I felt very deeply like I had failed.

But there is no sense in wallowing. There is water to be found. Money to be raised. People waiting for their chance at clean water.

So for now, 10 billion is just our goal.

It doesn’t change the cause.

It doesn’t change the fact that it is still perfectly within the reach of this generation.

It doesn’t change the fact that we need to be disturbed and moved to action by the lack of clean water around the world.

Children are still dying.

And we can change that.

“Americans still spend 450 billion dollars at Christmas. It would take a third of that to give the whole world clean water.”

We are going to change it to the above on all our resources. We ask that you do the same if you can.

I sincerely apologize for the confusion. Statistics are so hard because there are so many sources out there. I was not the only one who found the 10 billion dollar statistic.

But we’re pushing on for here.

And perhaps we will have to do Water For Christmas next year. I probably won’t be alive then. But you guys should totally do it….

Onward. Water for Christmas.

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