Friday, November 7, 2008

That's my girl...

Tonight, Emily asked me if I wanted to read the speech she is giving in her speech and debate class tomorrow. I said I would love to.
Here it is, unedited. Pure Emily. The joy of my heart....
Preach it girl!

Pet Peeve:

$20 gives one person fresh water for 20 years.
Americans, on average, spend 450 billion dollars on Christmas gifts, decorations, and food each year. It only takes 10 billion dollars to give fresh water to everyone on earth. Every 90 seconds a child dies of malnutrition.

People who don't care about anyone but themselves is something that is more than just a pet peeve of mine, it is something we could change, but choose not to because of the inconvenience to us.

Well guess what? It will never be convenient to your life here on earth, because this was never meant to be your life.

People are suffering and we just look the other way, pretending that we can't see them. We tell ourselves that they are of no importance to us, just because we are not the ones doing the suffering. Can you imagine being the one who has to be a Mother, and Father to your siblings because your parents have died? Not having enough food or water and you can see the people you love dying all around you, and you know that there are people that could help, but are too engrossed in their own lives to do anything about it.

We are those people.

We're so concentrated on the stupid things of this life to do anything about it. All we seem to care about is getting a new phone or who's dating whom... but in reality, none of this is going to ever be of any importance to anyone but you and your selfish self.

We all have those times when we want more and more, but then you have to stop and think about how much you already have compared to most people on this earth. We have way more then necessary, yet we still keep wanting and wanting for things that will never matter.

There are things we can do though.
We need to give.
We need to put our heads together.
We all need to do a little something, that will add up to one big something.
If all of us work together, we can do something big.


Candi said...

BRAVO !!!!!!!!!! Very well said Emily!! LOVE IT!! Thank you for getting up and reading this, wow!!

Heather said...

a beautiful heart she has....

Cassie said...

seriously. she is not in middle school. she can't be.

Morgan said...

I love it Em. You are SO much older than I thought.