Monday, November 17, 2008

New WFC Ornaments!

**The first round of 40 ornaments is completely SOLD OUT! Keep checking back, we will have more up as they are made! Good job people!**

My Mom has been working hard!
She designed these beautiful stained glass Christmas ornaments for Water for Christmas!

Just like the bracelets, and special edition pieces, 100% of the proceeds goes directly into Water For Christmas.

They are available over on the ETSY site, you can get there from the sidebar. :)
Happy shopping.
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Cassie said...

SO excited about these!!!
they are beautiful!

Mary said...

Those are beautiful!!
By the way, Wyatt looked from across the room and asked how that person was holding water. :-)

Heather said...

LOVE them--definately ordering some for Christmas gifts for the kids' teachers, etc. Beautiful!

Morgan said...

Good Job Grammy!!!! they are beutiful!

A family in Iowa. said...


Brandi said...

LOVE these! I already posted about them. Email me, would ya? I'm talking to my dad about ordering these for clients!

Also, wanted to let you know that I blogged about Liberia a bit and what women there have been through. . it makes me want to give water even more. Didn't know if you wanted to use any of it? It's basically about Davis' birthmom. It's the post a couple down on my blog entitled "The story of 2 girls a half a world apart"


Brandi said...

Great idea by Heather to order these as teachers gifts!


Amy G said...

I just ordered three of these, Amy. They are so neat!! Tell your mom great job!