Tuesday, November 11, 2008

foggy and tired

i have been struggling the last couple of days.
trying to decide if talking about my daily life, here on the blog, will take away from Water for Christmas. i want so badly for WFC to do well. To drill wells. i don't want anything i say to take away from the incredible work that my friends are putting into this.

but if i don't talk about what i always talk about, then, there is a chance i will have to pay someone for the therapy.

so if you are here, on my blog, because you want to learn more about Water for Christmas then please disregard the personal posts.... just go donate. Please donate.

if you are here to read about all my shortcomings, and failures as a mom, wife, and woman, then grab a cup of coffee, snuggle in, and give yourself some time, because, my friends, the list is long.

if you are here for both... even better. donate, and then come back to read about how screwed up i am. :)

i am feeling tired.
really tired.
the kind of tired that pulls at your eyes when they shift from side to side in their socket.
the kind of tired that throbs deep within your bones,
and aches down in your soul.

i wasn't prepared for this kind of tired. i am not even doing very much to promote, and help WFC, there is so much more i feel like i could be doing. and yet, it hit me. this tired. it's borderline overwhelming really.

it is so freaking simple.
it pulls and tugs at my insides like an ebbing tide.
and there are moments when i feel as if i am being drug out to sea.

i guess it's passion.
i guess it's love.
i know it's real.

but for now, i am just tired.


Cassie said...

i feel your pain.
and you are doing so so much.

steffany said...

That tiredness comes from taking the blue pill or was it the red?
You know the Matrix?
Never mind- I feel you though.
If it helps, I just posted about water 4 Christmas and your bracelets:)