Thursday, November 20, 2008

Because it's $10 Friday...

Isaiah came upstairs tonight, at 10pm. He said he had finished his poem, that wasn't really a poem, about a place.
He was supposed to draw a picture, and then talk about the place, or thing, or whatever, so people would know what or where or who it was.
Below is the picture...

And this is what it says, again, completely unedited, just the straight talk of a ten year old boy...

I am a continent.
People give to people who live here.
You can too.
You can make a difference, because distance does not decide who's your brother and who is not.
You can give five dollars and that would be enough to give one person fresh water for five years.
So can't you see?
You can make a difference!
Every 90 seconds someone dies of something dumb like not having enough food or water.
So, if you give, you can save millions of lives.
I want you to think about how many seconds are in a day, and just see how many people die in ME every day.
Isn't that a lot?
And think of an average kid in ME, what they eat and drink in a day, and how much you eat and drink, can you see the difference?
I am not asking you to give one hundred dollars in a donation.
I'm asking if you could give just one dollar for a donation, because one dollar is enough fresh water for one person in ME, for one year.
So once again, you can make a difference.
So, give, give, give to ME....
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Cassie said...

that is so awesome.
i am linking it.

Marsha said...

So proud and lucky to have been his teacher...awesome job. Has he taken this to student council?

amy smith said...

are you talking about water for christmas? yes, they said they didn't want to do it, as they already have a "cause" to support for christmas.

Natalie said...

You have a good son.

Amy Taylor said...

love it. is the ME an abbreviation for something, or is he literally talking about Me (him)???
Sorry if I'm missing what's obvious.....

amy smith said...

ME being Africa.