Thursday, October 16, 2008


been thinking a lot today about how words work. how we can, as a people, be so attached to these little letters, that somehow come together and convey meaning. hopes. dreams. they can build up. or they can break down.
words start wars.
words connect life.
it is so strange.
i am particularly affected by words. i can remember entire conversations, word for word. i can see words on a test, and pages in a book, all in my mind.
words mean more to me then gestures.
so i am going to try to begin, today, using my words wisely.
i am going to try to be deliberate in my use.
words hurt.
and i don't want to hurt.
so, be blessed by my words to you now...

thank you.
from the deepest parts of me, thank you.
you are a gift.
beauty. light. joy.
my heart rejoices in knowing you.
you are loved.


Natalie said...

This has certainly been a kind and generous use of your words.
Thank YOU for so effectively reminding me how powerful our words and intentions can be... you got me sitting a little taller and feeling a bit brighter.
Always a pleasure to visit Clearing the Air, where there is plenty of beauty, light and joy... you are loved too!

Janece said...

Natalie's right -- you are loved too! ♥

Cassie said...

well i think i am going to call you today, amy! :)
i could use lots of positive words today!