Friday, October 31, 2008

quid pro quo

was having a conversation today
about quid pro quo.
about wanting those kind of friendships...

the friend i was talking to, agreed, and said, yes, give and take.

i had to stop and think about why that term did not jive.
was it the negativity that it connotates?
was it just the fact that it wasn't my term?

and i came to the conclusion that give and take is not quid pro quo at all.
quid pro quo is something for something.
give and be given.

it is relationship,
it is friendship,
it is equality.
it is love.

give and take is such a selfish state.
one sided.
the person giving, is the person taking.
i despise takers.

may i live my life quid pro quo with all i come in contact with.
no more give and take.

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