Thursday, October 23, 2008

no one left to be stupid with.

My sister boarded a plane at the crack of dawn this morning, to head back to Centralia, Washington. Her family misses her. We had a great time, and drove everyone around us completely nuts with our inside jokes, and continually saying the same thing at the same time.

It was really a bit strange, because we weren't friends when we were kids, at all... in fact, she used to chase me around the kitchen table with butcher knives threatening to kill me... and she moved out of the house when I was only 11 years old.
But many of our mannerisms are the same, as well as our voices. At times my kids found it difficult to figure out who was speaking.

About an hour before she left, Steve also boarded a plane. He is out of town until Monday. So now, I am lonely.
And it is raining.
And cold.
So, I think I will brew some coffee, and put on some James Taylor.
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Lisa said...

Did you have to tell the butcher knife story?
Yeah, I had a great time -we really are more alike than I even knew - growing closer together every year!
Thanks so much - miss you already!

alexvicky said...

Butcher knife attack -- now Lisa leaves --- then Steve ---- OMG --- is there a message being sent there??? lol.
I have to tell both of you young ladies ---- that you have the most warm, delightful, intelligent kids. I've spent some time with them in recent years, be it only briefly ---- and it's always been a heartwarming experience.
Today I had the surprising pleasure of a neighborhood walk with Morgan and Camille ---- an awesome twosome!! There was no talk of butchery or anything like that ---- but Morgan did mention something about duct-tape!! What a lot of laughs ----- love to you all.


amy smith said...

Oh Alex--- I adore you!

Amy G said...

Hey- so glad you had a good time with your sister. It was nice to meet her. I have always wanted to see the bridges. We drive by Winterset every time we go back to NE. Maybe someday we'll actually stop. :)