Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The whole crew

These are all the people who showed up to welcome us to Kentucky.
Like I said, we were treated like Kings and Queens.
The friendliest, most hospitible people live in Lexington... especially if they are your family!

From the top:
Uncle Steve (my Dad's brother)
Steve, my cousin Stevie (Steve's son)
Me, Susan (Stevie's wife)
My cousin Rachel (Janet & Jeff's daughter), Uncle Jeff , Aunt Janet (my Dad's sister)
My cousin Willie (Steve's son), Tyler (Missy's husband)
Jessica (Willie's girlfriend), Cody (Missy and Tyler's son), my cousin Missy (Steve's daughter), Emily
my cousin Luke (Janet and Jeff's son), Isaiah, Matthew (Stevie and Susan's son)
Micah, Hannah, and Brody
The only one missing was Zach (Janet and Jeff's son), as he is in the Army, stationed in Japan.
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Cassie said...

looks like so much fun. glad you enjoyed! welcome back to reality...

Natalie said...

Family gatherings can be so wonderful, and it looks like that is just the kind you enjoyed. Loved the whole slide show!