Friday, September 26, 2008

Bad morning.

I vaguely remember Micah telling me he got to bring home the Author Bag as I was running out the door to take Isaiah to practice.
I remember saying, what does that mean?
And I remember Hannah saying that he got to bring home a book, to read, and then write his own story with the pens and paper in the bag. The story could just be pictures that he could explain in school.
Hannah, can you be in charge of that while I am gone? (I know, I'm a bad Mom)
She gladly agreed.

So, this morning, while I was gathering all the Author Bag supplies, so that he could take them back to school, the very next day, like he was supposed to.... while I was feeling so good about remembering all of this, I read the very small note that was attached to the notebook.

The note said.... and please send 24 snacks back with the bag the next day.

So, I think fast... there is a package of break apart cookies in the fridge in the garage, not sure how long they have been there, but I don't really care. I open them, and there are 12. Perfect. Cut them all in half, and threw them in the oven. 14 minutes to cook, and 16 minutes until they have to leave for the bus stop. He might be running with hot cookies, but he can handle that. So I throw them in the oven.

Then he says... yep Mom, we have 33 kids in our class.
The note said 24! Micah are you sure there are 33? Yes Mom.

Scratch the cookie idea.
Grab the tub of whole grain fishies.
Pull out 33 snack size ziplock bags and start pouring.
I didn't have quite enough, but upon deeper inspection, there was a couple of ziplocks of fishes in the pantry. So I threw those in. (I know, bad Mom again)

Micah still wasn't dressed, so I yelled for him to get dressed, and I am not exactly sure at this point what he wore to school. I was too busy shoving the bags of fishies into his backpack with the author bag.

But I did hear him say, as he walked out the door,
"Oh, I forgot. We do have 24 kids."


Natalie said...

oh. man.edovb

Natalie said...

lol... I added the word verification to my letter of sympathy...

Heather said...

oh bummer. i hate it when days start out like that. here's to a better rest of the day!

Anonymous said...

I know that was stressful, but that last part about him remembering 24 not 33, yeah that was kinda funny, Amy! dg

Morgan said...

i'm sorry but i'm cracking up. Micah is SO funny!! :)