Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Are you kidding me? *edited below*


This is how the kitchen looked when I got up this morning.
For some reason I ASSUMED that the person who did this to MY kitchen, was going to clean it up.
I was wrong.
And he is out of town now, so I can't even yell at him.
So I had to clean it up.
And blog about it.
I feel better now.
*he called, and about halfway through our phone visit, he said, "Oh, and sorry I left the kitchen a mess, I fell asleep."
I said, "I forgive you, I guess, but I DID blog about it."
He said, "Well good, people will know I cook."
Uh yah, I am sure that is what they will take from this. :)
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Cassie said...

well what did he make? maybe you could forgive if it was really yummy?

Morgan said...

Oh, Uncle Steve. you are in big trouble now!

Natalie said...

Somebody matching that description was here too!
*shakes angry fist*

amy smith said...

he made some sort of spicy thai chicken and rice.
and it was great. :)
but not really worth the mess.

Jean said...

Grounds for divorce I say!!!! Just kidding!!! I just put away the griddle that I washed after Steve made bacon on SUNDAY!!! It's WEDNESDAY!!! I was trying so hard to leave it just to see how long it took him to put it away, but I seriously couldn't take it anymore!!!