Thursday, August 7, 2008

You know it is near the end of summer when...

You drive 8 miles to a park, that you are not quite sure where it is, with 13 kids, just so you can have some time with other adults.


She is seriously the funniest and cutest two year old West African - American girl I know.

And because it seems like I have been taking lots of pictures of critters lately, here is a little friend who liked Ayla's blanket!
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jean said...

Ahhh! Good ole' Wilton! That's a good spot, huh? The indoor pool there is not bad either. That is where I spent most of my childhood days and took swimming lessons every year from kindergarten on! My kids love that park, and it IS a good place to get some adult conversation while the kids play because it is low key in a small town and just "safe." Glad you had a good time! Now you should try Durant's's a good one, too!

Anonymous said...

End of summer, seriously?! :( dg