Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My girl.

She's my girl.
She asked me to sew an Africa on her bag for school.
Only, I forgot.
She reminded me before she went to bed tonight, the night before school starts, that I hadn't done it yet.
So, off to Wal-Mart for some thread, and rummaging through my fabric for the right fit. Time spent searching the web for a perfectly sized picture of Africa, since my printer is broken, traced it right from my screen.
All that to say, it is now 1:00am and I was supposed to go to bed early.
But if there was ever a time I was happy to stay up late, this was it.
And my girl.
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Sara said...

I love it! Those are the things I remember and cherish about my mom...the late nights she was up finishing something I needed for the next day. Very special!!!

Anonymous said...

It is beautiful, and what a good mom you are. She will cherish these moments and will remember them well! dg

Mary said...

i LOVE it!! You did a great job!!