Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Equestrian

Emily's riding instructor is about to have a baby, so she will be taking some time off from lessons. I brought the camera along for the first time in quite a while, and got some great shots.

It is still so hard for me to believe that next week she will be in 7th grade. I remember 7th grade like it was yesterday.

I appreciate Emily's quick wit and dry sense of humor so much. The other day Steve was dancing around the house with the music super loud trying desperately to annoy her, and she said to me, "MOM! Do something, make him stop!" I said, "He is an adult Em, I can't MAKE him stop." and she came back with, "Well, if he was a dog, you would have put him down by now."

So proud of the young woman she is becoming!
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Beckysblog said...

Sometimes I think that should be an option for husbands...kidding, kidding...

Janece said...

I remember meeting you on the Ave so many, many years ago with a little Emily in your arms. I don't think she was even walking.

Wonderful photos of an amazing and gorgeous young woman! You both have every right to be so proud!