Friday, August 22, 2008

Call me MacGyver.

A while back my kids broke my bedroom door.
And by broke it, I mean that if you were inside, and the door shut, you were locked in.
This has happened numerous times, because Brody loves to slam doors. It has never really been too much of an issue, because when any one would get locked in, they would just push the intercom button on the phone, and some one would come let you out.

Today, while I was on the phone with a friend, Brody followed me into my room, and proceeded to slam the door.

No big deal...

Only no one else is here.

I rummaged around the room and found an old pocket knife. It took me thirty minutes to get the door handle off.

But I am free.

And Brody is busted.


Cassie said...

so glad you made it out alive, macgyver...

Janece said...

Yikes! And yes, so very busted! :D

Amy said...

Ha! I once was locked in a bathroom. It was at a camp I worked at. Luckily I had my bathrobe on...the door handle broke & I was at the mercy of someone either hearing me or missing me. I didn't show up at our early meeting, so they came to find me. :)

Tiglizzyclone said...

Found this blog following some links. Interesting story!! Reminds me of the time I locked myself out of my own bedroom at midnight. The lock was put on by my brother years ago... before he moved out. Now I am being more careful going in and out of my bedroom.