Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Writer's Block

what i appear to have, since i cannot come up with anything interesting to say. so, in an attempt to break through the block, i will write about some of the everyday events we have here...
let's see,

-yesterday brody pooped on the driveway. and with the heat index reaching 113 degrees, it was good times.
-emily made her first appearance upstairs today at 1:30pm. she takes this summer vacation thing seriously.
-steve is gone yet again, and will be back on thursday night.
-micah has been telling some friends that if they can't find anyone to marry their daughter when she grows up, that he will.
-isaiah threw up at 3 am the other morning. he came all the way upstairs to tell me he was going to throw up, and walked past the tile, the wood floor, and onto the carpet before emptying his entire stomach.

well, still nothing. sorry. maybe later, after i take all the kids to the barn, in the heat, and try to keep them quiet so they don't scare the horses.
good times people. good times.


Natalie said...

It sounds horrible and yet strangely familiar, so why am I laughing?
Courage! After all, tomorrow it might be worse and you'll look back on this day wistfully, with longing....lol

Morgan said...

Oh man. It sounds really hot there. We got our pool set up yesterday which is good because its in the 80s here. Which I thought was hot but............

Janece said...

I so know the writer's block sensation... it's frustrating.

I do miss hearing from you -- I check in all the time hoping to see new photos and news/thoughts from you.

Hope you get some respite from the heat!

jean said...

Hey! No more pull-ups and the poop isn't in his underwear! Great progress! So, the driveway could use a little bleach, but hey, we're super proud of ya Brodster!

Anonymous said...

Obviously everyone is happy to hear of your daily "struggles" :) I know it's not all fun and games but it is nice to see that life happens at your house too-as if there was ever a doubt?!! I am sure it's difficult without your hubby there too..hang in there. dg