Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So, tonight at the Chart House...

This one is for you, Jody.
I took all five kids to the water park for three hours this afternoon. Everyone was wonderful, so I decided to reward them by taking them to our favorite dinner hang out, The Chart House. We were order number 49. The kids were still being perfect. I picked up the food, and saw this:

Africa in a chicken strip.
I thought about selling it on E-bay, but Brody was too hungry. He did let me take a picture of it first though. Micah spent the next five minutes in tears because I wouldn't take a picture of his chicken strip.
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Anonymous said...

Now that is priceless-the whole thing!! The chicken and the story. Love it :) dg

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! i'm looking forward to the Chart House!

jody said...

yah! love it.
will post it.

Amy said...

Too cool...I guess you just have to keep your eyes open, huh? :)