Monday, July 28, 2008

Remind me not to do internet searches on things I know little about.

So, I think we have entered the world of expensive dental problems. Let me begin by saying, that I don't go to the dentist, or the doctor, but that is a different subject all together. The idea of taking my kids to the dentist was not one I came by naturally. Last year I decided it was time, and remembered to make the phone call during business hours, and got 4 of the 5 kids in. First time for all of them. And NO cavities. I even elected to have the sealant put in the next week. I was reminded I needed to get them in again in 6 months, but that came and went.

Today I took Isaiah in for his now yearly cleaning. Perfect teeth again, no decay.
However... if you have ever seen Isaiah's mouth you know that while he is very loud, and can project at incredible volumes, his mouth is extremely crowded with teeth. He even has this weird "extra" tooth in the roof of his mouth, that we knew we would eventually need to get removed, if it wasn't supposed to be somewhere else.

So the x-rays showed that the tooth is indeed extra, and not only that, he has LOTS of extra teeth above his current ones, still in his jaw. The dentist didn't really say much, except to tell me that we needed to have a consultation with the orthodontist.

Well. I went home, and decided to do some research on the supernumerary teeth thing. Bad idea.
Apparently these "extra" teeth are rare in kids unless, of course, they have some other horrible disease or defect. So I have now spent all sorts of time reading about conditions and things I know he doesn't have, because the possibility is there.

So, next time some doctor or dentist gives me too little information about a particular thing, I will leave it at that. No more on-line research for me!

(and just to put you at ease, yes, I made the appointment for the consult with the ortho.)


Natalie said...

Oh! My husband (Geoff) had a roof tooth! I remember when they went in after it. Yikes! But at least I can confirm that all of his other defects are non-medical... lol. Beware the internet.

Natalie said...

Ahem. I would be so *not happy* if Geoff posted any of my defects in a blog comment. feeling sheepish.