Saturday, July 19, 2008

park time

perfect balance.
i remember when maria and i were the same size. i think i was around 12, which just happens to be the same age as emily.

the battle for king of the mountain... or in this case, queen.

papa hearing stories from micah.

later in the evening, we at pizza and drank mixed drinks from our bartender steve, while we sat out on the screened in porch, in the rain. it was practically heaven.
maria, emily and i caught the late showing of Mama Mia, and it was wonderful as well. Not sure how we will top yesterday, but today we will surely try.
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Anonymous said...

I think we should all go see Mamma Mia again, and this time I want to sit next to Maria! :) She is a hoot! Nice park time-dg

jean said...

Awww! So much fun! Glad you guys are having a good time! Your dad and Maria seem like so much fun! So sad that we missed you at the was a last minute decision for us, but turned out to be a great choice! You will have to fill me in on Mamma Mia...I was thinking I wanted to go see it.

lisa said...

Now we REALLY wish we were there!

Janece said...

How, heavenly indeed! Made me smile just reading it and looking at your pictures. Wonderful!

steffany said...

sounds like a great day