Saturday, July 12, 2008

Edit from yesterday

As we were all laying in our bed this morning, I was recounting the story to Steve about Micah asking me to call him 'Your Majesty', and Micah said, "That is not what I said." So I asked him what exactly he did say, and his response was, "I asked if you would call me, Your Royal Highness".
So, you can see how I could make that mistake.
Not, Your Majesty.
Your Royal Highness.


Anonymous said...

Now there is a big difference between "majesty" and "your ROYAL HIGHNESS" don't you know?! :) I am glad that you are all straightend out now :) dg

Natalie said...

Sometimes I think "Max and Micah should meet." Then I have second thoughts... lol. Mine keeps me on my toes, as I am sure Micah does for you.