Thursday, July 17, 2008

Birthday Surprises

The big birthday surprise was this:

My Dad, and step Mom Maria came for a few days to help celebrate Micah's birthday! I made up an elaborate story about how Micah's surprise wasn't going to be here on time, so I called and tracked it down, and we could pick it up at the airport when it arrived, or we would have to wait two more days for it to be delivered.

The only person in on it was Emily. I needed some help to pull it off, and she never tells a secret.
Everyone was very surprised, and happy. Micah said it was his best birthday ever.

After some time at the pond, we had dinner at the Chart House, a first for my Dad and Maria. The evening was beautiful, and the company even better.
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Cassie said...

SO fun!

auntie lisa said...

wish we could have been there
looks like a great time
Happy Birthday Micah!

jean said...

Ok. I had a small heartattack when I got to the picture of Brody on the rope swing! What a big boy! And did your dad and Maria like the Charthouse as much as we all do?

dewatobay said...

Jean, we LOVED the Charthouse, ahem, Lighthouse! the ambiance is seriously the best. maria