Monday, July 14, 2008

Baby turtles have proven to be very difficult for me to take pictures of. I think because they are so small, I have a difficult time focusing on them. They sort of fly below the radar. And it is funny that I have tried so hard on so many occasions to get a good picture of them, even when I know it most likely won't turn out. A bit like life. We spend way too much energy with our attention on the small stuff that gets blurry when we try to focus on it, and ignore the bigger picture. It sounds almost backwards. Like, I am one person, I can do one SMALL thing, but i think some times, the small things we think we can do, are TOO small. Like little baby turtles. I take way better pictures of big stuff.
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Prayz Him Today said...

Girl, I love the way you think!
Energy is in short supply.
Why waste it?!