Friday, May 16, 2008

what has been seen, cannot be unseen

the reality of that weighs heavy on my heart. i cannot pretend i do not know, haven't heard, don't see, because i have. and it doesn't matter that i know my life would be a whole lot easier if i hadn't seen, i have. and when i close my eyes, the faces and places that come to my mind don't let me forget.
i have seen you, and you cannot be unseen.
now, if someone could please explain to me how to make my other half see, i would really appreciate it.
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Mary said...

If you figure that out, let us all know please. The things that break my heart don't seem to have that effect on everyone, and my brain doesn't understand why they don't get it.

Natalie said...

Sometimes, I have to look away. Not because I do not care, but because staring at the pain and misery in the world grieves me to the point of making me ineffective as a mother, as a human. I have seen too, and I carry the anguish, the helplessness. When I look away, it is to pray and to heal, so that I can do my best to retain hope, be of use and carry on.