Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Hannah!

It was eight years ago today that our sweet little Hannah was born. It was the Friday before Mother's Day, and Steve was home. He decided to go with me to my regularly scheduled Midwife appointment. We dropped Emily and Isaiah off at my Mom's and headed there. When we arrived, the midwife asked if I had been having any contractions, and I said that I had, since morning, so she decided to put the monitor on. She seemed surprised when there were actual contractions on the monitor. She asked if I wanted her to "check" me, and I said sure. The look on her face, when she did, was one of complete shock. I was already at 7 cm. and hadn't even complained of the pain or contractions. Well, they told me I needed to get to the hospital ASAP. Steve didn't buy it, and we made a stop at the post office on the way there. I called my good friend who was going to attend the birth, and she was on the road to meet us at the hospital. When we got there, they were ready for us... waiting in the lobby, in fact. I put the gown on, jumped into bed, and she was born 20 minutes after our arrival, only one push. We weren't even checked in yet! By far the easiest delivery I have had. She followed that by being the best baby on the planet. So smiley, and she was very shy. NOTHING like her big sister and brother. She continues to be our easiest kid. She is not picky about stuff, or clothes, or where she sleeps, or when she sleeps, or when she wakes up. She just goes with the flow. We love this little girl something fierce. Happy Birthday Hannah! May this be your best year yet!
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Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!
We love you!
Aunt Lisa, Uncle Darin and the kids

PS - we put your card in the mail on Saturday so it'll be a few more days till you get it!

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Natalie said...

Sweet birth! Happy Birthday Hannah!

Anonymous said...

I remember that day so well. You were like a PBS special for natural childbirth! Hard to believe she's 8, already. She's a beautiful girl...Happy Birthday to you Hannah, from your friends in Snohomish.

Jean said...

Awwww! We love Hannah so much! Gage still gets excited everytime he sees her outside playing! You have done a great job raising that girl...and all your kids for that matter! She is so adorable and polite and sweet! I love that she looks like such a girly girl, but that she's not afraid to jump right in on all the dirty boy stuff! She's a great girl, and we hope she has had a great birthday day! I gave her a great big birthday hug earlier, and I told her she has to stop growing now! :) Happy, Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!!

Janece said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!