Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Brody!

Today my youngest son turns 3 years old. Again, time has gone by so fast. He came into this world almost three weeks early, weighing in at just over 6 pounds. Once again, we were late getting to the hospital, and the staff was waiting for us when we got there. This time we got checked in before they broke my water, knowing my history! Once the bracelets were on, my midwife, Laura, broke my water, and said, "Okay, just let us know when you are ready." I said okay, and EVERYONE in the room proceeded to turn their backs on me to have a conversation, or get things ready. I remember saying, "HE'S HERE!!!" and even Steve didn't see his little head being born. No one but me saw him come into this world. It was quite magical. My midwife didn't even have her gloves on, when she checked him out for the first time... and remarked that it was good that we were friends already. Brody was very colicky, super fussy, and kind of a pain for about 6 weeks of his life.... and well, to be honest, he is still kind of that way, but we love him! He is hysterical when he talks to you, he says the funniest things. He is proving to be a lot like Isaiah when it comes to sports. He is VERY competitive, and most things having to do with a ball come naturally for him. He is my biggest helper when it is pick up time, and he always puts things right where they belong. I am looking forward with great anticipation to the little man he will become. But for now, for always, I guess, he will be our baby! We love you little man! Happy birthday!
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Cassie said...

another birthday in the smith family! busy month!
happy birthday brody!!!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Brody.

And Amy I am 'bout to get a little personal here: 1. Wow! You have some fast deliveries! 2. I am so tempted to count back 9 months and figure out what inspires you all... lol
I love delivery time myself, but it's morning sickness that keeps me from going for one more!

Lisa said...

Happy Happy Birthday Buddy!
we love you
the happy harris family

jean said...

I love it that he says "I'm hungry in my house!" That is the cutest thing! He is the cutest thing! I am really looking forward to Drake and Brody growing together and being neighborhood buddies! So far they get along pretty well, so I am hopefull that it will be a lifelong friendship! Hope you had a great day, buddy! Happy #3!!