Sunday, May 4, 2008

Busy Weekend

This was one of those crazy weekends where two kids have games at the same time in different locations. Our solution? Divide and conquer!
Hannah had three soccer games on Saturday, and one on Sunday. They lost three and tied one. She had fun... and NEVER complained about the cold start to the day!
So, who exactly is she supposed to listen to?
Isaiah had a tournament in Rock Island (WBSA), They won both games on Saturday, and won the first one on Sunday, but lost the second, to the State champions. They ended up with fourth place. This was a really big tournament, and their first playing at the AAA level.
Isaiah had a great weekend pitching, with several strike-outs, and NO walks.
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Anonymous said...

In the first picture Which 1 is Hannah??? The 1 in the middle I think but i'm not sure!!! (BTW - Hannah - I LOVE your haircut , it makes you look SO much older!!!)

Luv , M.

amy smith said...

she's the one with the ball

Anonymous said...