Friday, April 11, 2008

An E-Mail to Steve

My name is Amy. I have been your wife for the past thirteen years. Wasn't sure if you'd remember me, given your recent work schedule. If you are interested in meeting with me anytime in the near future, feel free to call me, at home, to schedule a time.
Thanks, and have a nice day.


Cassie said...

can i steal that wording?
fits perfectly around here, too!

amy smith said...

it's all yours

Candi said...

Too funny! Sorry you have that situation going on though... I remember waiting for Larry to come home when the kids were around. I now am free to occupy my time with other things and find myself occasionally hurrying home to get there before he does!! ;-) :- )

pam said...

I'm right there with ya girl!!

Janece said...

Uh oh, sounds like an epidemic going round... it's here in the PNW too. There's got to be a cure... and soon! :)