Sunday, March 16, 2008

A blog I love

Last week I came across a blog, set up by a man named Will. I came across it purely by chance, just hit the next blog button at the top of the page. Will's blog was the third one I came to, the other's not being in english. I began to read, and watch his videos. Will is the younger brother to Dan, of whom the blog is about. Dan has Down Syndrome. Dan is a gift.
Will is an artist, an actor, a singer, and a courageous little brother. He has some physical issues as well, he is missing his large intestine. This has proven to be a gift, as it allowed Will to come home, and begin this documentary on Dan. I want you to meet Dan. I fell in love with him by the end of the first video I watched.
I wrote Will a quick e-mail to tell him how his stories of Dan had touched me. He wrote back and said that he had not yet even shared the blog with the people who already know and love Dan. He said that it was an encouragement to him, to see how Dan's life impacts even those who don't know Dan.
I am not kidding you, you have to read and watch. You will be changed. You will fall in love. You will feel more deeply, cry a little harder, and understand a little more.
Meet Dan.


Deb said...

I just met Dan. He just called Sara. He is on my fave list now since it takes some time to get to know people.
Thanks for the introduction.

Janece said...

Loving this blog too. Thanks for sharing! :)