Thursday, February 28, 2008

Proud Mama

Let me tell you about my girls...
This week Emily presented us with this letter from our state rep. letting us know that she made the honor roll in her first semester of middle school. This from the girl who couldn't read until second grade. The girl who failed every spelling test she took in third grade. This from the girl who HATED middle school for the first month. Emily, we are SO proud of you!

And then there is Hannah. Tonight was awards night for cheerleading. Our little Hannah walked away with a special award for having the best attitude. This is confirmation that she does occasionally listen to Steve and I, when we tell her to be positive and always give her best. Hannah, we are SO proud of you too!

Great job girls, keep making Mama proud!
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Cassie said...

way to go Smith girls!!! well rounded girls!