Sunday, February 17, 2008

My heart aches....

So these are the first photos I have of my cousin Zach, the soldier. I remember when he was born, what a sweet toddler he was... his big puppy dog eyes. My heart aches with so much emotion for him. I am so proud. Really proud, of the man he is becomming. So proud that he would give up his life for us. For all of us. And my heart aches, because I know where he will probably go, and the things he will see, and the choices he will have to make. The pain he will endure, and the pain he may inflict. So much emotion.
I am honored to call this man my family, my cousin.
So proud.
I love you Zach, and Godspeed.

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Anonymous said...

I totally get that! My nephew is heading over in March. He loves his job, and is ready to go and do what he needs to do. I love his attitude and his dedication. I am sure Zach feels the same way. Thanks for sharing! dg

amy smith said...

thanks donna, it is bitter sweet indeed.

Anonymous said...

He looks SO young in this picture. Me and the sister sent him letters recently!!!

- M.