Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Finger Update

So, I broke down and took him to the doctor this morning. It was getting redder, and more swollen looking, and with sports that use his hands to play, I figured it was a good idea just to make sure nothing major was wrong. Good thing I went. The doctor said it looked like the end of his finger was broken, but it was a stable fracture, so there was not much we could do about it. Then she said, just don't play any sports like basketball, for about four weeks. RIGHT. I said, that will pretty much be impossible, is there another solution? She said, yeah, just splint it. Like that was so hard? Couldn't she have just said that to begin with, rather than practically making Isaiah have a heart attack? Then she said that he also broke his nail, down below the nail bed, and that is likely what is causing the infection to set in. She lanced it, thinking it looked like it was puss filled, convinced it must be MRSA, and came up with nothing. (Everybody is so paranoid these days) So, he has oral and topical antibiotics to take for the next ten days, assuming it is looking better by Thursday night, all is okay. If it is not looking considerably better then we have a consultation with the surgeon on Friday afternoon to discuss removal of the nail. Good times here people.

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aunt lisa said...

YIKES isaiah - i slammed my finger in the car door and i had to open it to get it out but yours looks way worse. It looks painful!
but i bet missing basketball would've been more painful.
Sending hugs from the harris family!