Thursday, January 10, 2008

About the dog

So, I have been feeling bad about the stupid dog situation. Trying to do some research into why she is so annoying lately. Best I can tell, she needs more exercise. Duh, who doesn't? So I will try. I will try to take the pest for a walk every day for a week or so, and see if she gets better. Very difficult considering the current weather conditions. It is very cold and very rainy and very dark.

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Janece said...

Exercise does make a world of difference... it really does. And terriers especially need the physical and mental stimulation of walks. It sounds crazy, but to make the walks even more valuable, you might consider getting a doggie backpack that you could put little water bottles or canned goods in for her to carry on the walks. It will make her work harder on the walk and give her "a job"- which is good for their psyche.

good luck! :)